Delivering Fast and Affordable Quality.

FastPages delivers quality at a fair price, and primarily serves small business owners and nonprofits. We’ve found the formulae, and are delivering affordable, speedily produced, quality websites.

We achieve this by:

  1. Use of fine-tuned systems and processes.
  2. Removal of non-essential and labour intensive advanced processes.  
  3. Keeping some production aspects in Australia, while also utilising talented technicians based in the Philippines. Lots of web companies do this; we’re just honest about it.

Our websites are uniquely designed and created; we don’t do cookie-cutter sites. We do however, have a highly systemised and streamlined process.

Most design processes, all administration, all customer contact and all Quality Control functions are performed here in Australia. All copy/content (where written by our team) is written by native English speakers (typically in Australia or the USA). Our website build, coding and production (the labour and technically intensive part) takes place overseas.  

We are proud of our Filipino technicians and are glad to be able to support them as they support their families. They are highly skilled, we pay them well, we appreciate their capabilities and they appreciate the work.

When you get great people – and we have – everyone wins!

We’ve seriously nailed the balance.   FastPages provides a winning balance of quality, price and development speed.

FastPages also has Big Brothers

Hi, my name is Scott Nailon.

I own and manage FastPages, Sites By Design and Managed SEO. Each business serves a different aspect or clientele of the website and online marketing industries.

The beauty is in the synergy. Each business contributes to and support the others, and each business is designed to deliver an optimal service to the particular client-type it serves.

Sites By Design (SBD) was my first internet industry baby. We began in 2010, serving the clients now served by FastPages. Over these years my team and I have built hundreds of quality websites, and serviced businesses across a range of competitive industries. As a result, our service depth and deliverables grew, we became a premium service enterprise, and website development processes required a $5K minimum price tag.

In late 2016 we launched FastPages to – at least in part – go back to our roots. We systematically refined FastPages during 2017 and again in 2018. We now have an established team, stable processes and consistency in outcomes.  We deliver quality without the excessive frills and options that come with a $5K plus project.

Managed SEO is the other facet of this tri-part jewel. We’d been involved in SEO with Sites by Design for years. Numerous benefits were available through specialisation, so this seperate business was launched in 2017. The separation of functions has enabled both Managed SEO and Sites by Design to focus and perform at a higher level.

Together, we’re a family. We care for one another, we care about quality, and we care for our clients.