Video Marketing for your Website

video marketingAt Fastpages we know the power of video marketing on a website. Very few people have the time or the concentration to sit and read your sales pitch, those who are time or concentration poor (Modern Day Internet ADHD) will be the first to click on a video and be won over by your brilliant sales pitch!

When you have Adwords or Search Engine Optimisation running on your site video marketing is the perfect partner!

How we work

We will send you a questionnaire to fill in, this questionnaire will give us everything we need in order to create a strong sales script for your video marketing. Once we are finished we will email you back a simple script for a short video up to 1 minute long.

Once you have approved our script we will read it in an Aussie accent, edit the sound and send you a copy of the sound file for you to listen to and approve.

One approval we will then send it to our animation department who will apply interesting special affects to highlight the right words and images to help the visual-oriented clients absorb your sales pitch.

Our own Sales Script

Below is our sales script for this page.