Website Hosting and Management

At Fastpages we know that we cant look after your website needs properly unless we manage the process. As a result of this we offer a hosting service that starts at a low rate and grows as you need it to. We offer hosting onshore and offshore as well as a great WordPress Management service to keep your site secure and up to date.

The biggest client let down in Web Hosting is the cheap hosting service utilising offshore support staff who either dont understand you or dont seem to care. At Fastpages our staff communicate over email and attend to your needs as soon as possible, your needs are their bread and butter so that love to help!


Australian Hosting


  • 5 GB Australian cPanel Hosting
  • 5 Email Address
  • Email or Ticket Support

  • Time Billed Content Updates
  • Self Managed Updates
  • No Monitoring

Web Department


  • Unlimited* Australian cPanel Hosting
  • 10 Email Address
  • Email or Ticket Support

  • Unlimited* Content Updates
  • WordPress Security Updates
  • Uptime Monitoring


Australian cPanel Website Hosting

At Fastpages we share the servers of our partner company Sites By Design. As a result we have access to premium level Australian web hosting, it may not be as cheap as our US based hosting but it is a little faster and locally stored in Sydney Australia.

Virtual Web Department – Stress Free WordPress Management

Virtual Web Department is a special WordPress Management service where we keep your whole online presence managed and under control for you. Our team and systems are there to ensure minimal problems and maximum quality for your website.

The FastPages Virtual Web Department Package is designed with our busiest clients in mind. We deliver a peace of mind by babysitting your company website for you. We keep your website up to date, secure and running smoothly. When you need changes made you email us your requests and they are performed! With this package all of your needs should be covered.

Personal Support
  • Premium Web Support
  • Unlimited small web Jobs*
  • Content Management Assistance
Fully Managed Hosting
  • Premium cPanel Hosting
  • Security & CMS Updates 
  • Plugin & Theme updates
  • Daily Block level Backups
  • Security & Uptime monitoring

Not having to worry about these important maintenance issues will free you up to focus on growing your business.