Web Design and why you need Quality, Speed of Building and Affordability

When you are trying to build an online presence, making sure that you are working with a quality web design team is of huge importance.

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Making sure you get value for money:

When you are first establishing yourself as a business, you need to make sure that your start-up capital is been used wisely and that you are getting as much bang for your buck as possible. At the same time it is also massively important to get your name out there as quickly as possible so that you can start earning revenue to build your business .

Every financial decision you make for your business during the establishment phase can have a steam roll effect down the track.

There are so many things that need to be considered during a business start-up period; from legal costs, to staff, to product development, funds needed to lease space if necessary and advertising on top of everything else.

It can be extremely overwhelming to sit down and figure out where it is most important to spend your money in order to set your business up for long term success. This is especially true for people who are venturing into the business sector for the first time. While online presence is seen to be of major importance to any new business (and rightly so), realistically most new starters will only have a set amount of funds available to dedicate to a web designer.

Unfortunately in the web industry it often happens that quality is sacrificed in place of affordability or the speed of the building. Either that or that you have to wait that extra time or pay extra money to make sure that the end result is exactly what you were looking for.

Many people who have needed to outsource to a web design team will tell you that it is rare to deal with a company who is willing to offer you quality, affordability and speed at the same time. Why should you have to compromise on your vision for how you would like your business perceived online.

The consequences of a poorly designed website:

The internet has been part of day to day life for a very long time now. It is more than likely that we have all looked at many a badly designed web page over the years and cringed at the over the top colours and cheesy design. Then there are the overly simple text on a page sites that make you think cheap and unprofessional. More often than not, these are the pages that we skim over and do not take seriously; maybe sometimes have a joke with a friend about how bad it is.

You can’t help but wonder why on earth somebody would spend money building a page, albeit a small amount, when it is of absolutely no benefit to their business and if anything would have a negative response from their potential customers.

How often have you thought about eating at a restaurant and decided against it because of terribly unappealing photos of their food or an incomprehensible menu on their website. Or those other times that you have decided to shop at a different online store because navigating a website feels like touring the seventh circle of hell.

Whether they think it good or bad, most people will agree that the internet is the absolute primary source of advertising and information.

In this day in age you are not going to grow a business by putting an ad in the paper or advertising on a local radio station. The aim of any new business is to spread their brand as far and wide as they can and to give potential customers a reason to want to know more about or to take a chance on a previously unknown entity. It is simply not possible to do this with a badly thrown together, low quality website.

It is hard enough entering a sometimes saturated market without having to deal with the possibility of been dismissed from the get go because of a low grade web page that makes people think that you are amateurish or unprofessional.

Dealing with time-delays:

There are also the horror stories you hear about people who have waited upwards of 6 months to a year to have their website up and running. Sometimes because their designer has several other jobs on the go at once, other times because the web designer is more concerned about their own reputation and vision then they are about the paying customer.

It is one thing to deal with artistic temperament for the greater good, but honestly there has to be a limit to what somebody is willing to put up with before it is too much. When somebody’s livelihood is at stake, it is a fair expectation that their needs will be put first.

It is the business owner, and not the designer, who has has to worry  about the fact that each day, week or month that the site is not active, is time that they are losing money in potential revenue. This income is often relied upon in order to pay for the everyday running costs for their new business. This is why it is so important to work with somebody who is willing to be time efficient while still delivering a good product for a decent price.

You deserve to get what you want:

It doesn’t matter if we are asking somebody to design a web page, ordering delivery from a restaurant, buying something from a shop or trying to figure out how you are going to pay for a ridiculously expensive over the top wedding; Quality, affordability and speed are something that we as a consumer have a right to expect.

While it is often perceived as been picky, unrealistic or a pain in the so and so, it is in all reality just been smart with your money. In order to succeed in all facets of life, whether it’s business or anything else, taking the time to do the research to make the right decisions from the get go is important and possibly a major factor in whether or not you will succeed in whatever your goal.